The project aims:

During their working life, and particularly in business, women often face different barriers and circumstances than men, particularly in rural and disadvantages areas. The aim of the proposal is to foster female entrepreneurship spirit through an exchange of experiences and best practice in Adult education. The objectives will be:

  • Favour the diffusion between women of different cultural, social and economic aspects linked to business activities carried out by women through the dissemination of their success stories.
  • The exchange of female entrepreneurs best practices and experiences between different local and European stakeholders (adult education agencies, public bodies, associations, private companies, university, foundations, civil society).
  • Analyse the didactical and educational informal and non formal approaches linked to the success stories examined involving adult learners (entrepreneurs and personnel working in the partnership structures).


  • Local stakeholders awareness of the project aim and involvement.
  • Identification and involvement of at least eight business women in each country as testimonials.
  • Best practice collection through the submission of a structured questionnaire to the entrepreneur groups.
  • Collection and analysis of informal and non formal educational paths followed by the entrepreneurs.
  • Collection of support and funding laws for the self entrepreneurship.
  • Valorisation and dissemination of the achieved results (Publication, CD Rom, web sites, seminaries, final conference).

The activities will be tightly linked to other local initiatives (Conferences, seminars, workshops) carried out by the involved stakeholders to foster dissemination of the results.

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