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Project meeting in Spain

31 March + 1 of April 2008

Project meeting in Gijon

Welcome, introduction and breakfast with the Mayoress Doña Paz Felguerosa. Presentation of the FEMALE project to the audience and the press.
Feedback from all partners on the project activities since the last meeting: feedback from each partner on the availability of women entrepreneurs interviewed during 1st step to take part in the 2nd phase.

Project meeting in Gijon 2008 Project meeting in Gijon 2008 Project meeting in Gijon 2008

Afternoon: Presentation of ASEM Mentoring School: Maria Luisa de Miguel presented the ASEM Mentoring School and its main activities explaining us all phases carried out during the training programmes for the mentorees and the importance of the relation mentor/mentoree.
For the dinner we were invited by ASEM to their monthly dinner.
Tuesday, 1 April 08 - Candas (ES): Meeting with the Directora del Área de Igualdad del Ayuntamiento de Gijón: presentation of data on the municipality of Gijon and the history on equal policies and instruments since 1978.
Lunch in Candás with the mayor. We were received by the municipality and its delegation which presented the local context of Candás. Afternoon: Reception by Amalia Fernandez , Concejala de Desarrollo local e Igualdad. Casa de Encuentros de Mujeres: -Programa para la incorporación de la mujer en el mundo laboral.-
Visit to Embutidos Santa Rita.
Return to Gijón and dinner in typical cider cellar Lagar de Cabueñes. End of the meeting...

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