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Final project meeting in Germany

3 + 4 July 2008

Project meeting in Berlin

Wednesday, 2 July 08: Arrival of all participants in Berlin. Host of the final meeting was the DAA Braunschweig which welcomed all partners in Berlin.
In the morning of the third July Tk Formazione presented a summary of all activities carried out during the 2 years of the project (2006/2008) focusing on all results/outcomes produced.

Final project meeting in Berlin 2008 Final project meeting in Berlin, 3+ 4 July 2008 Final project meeting in Berlin, 3+ 4 July 2008

Tk Formazione presented the general structure of the final Guidelines of the FEMALE project defined during the last meeting in Turku.
Presentation of national results according to the reporting form - feedback from all partners on the project activities since the last meeting: partners presented the main results achieved in their country related to the topics defined during our last meeting in Finland. and analysis of project final results.
Afternoon Elaboration and validation of the final project Handbook: we worked on the common part of the final Handbook and validated it.
Inputs for the Final Reports for NAs: we worked on the common section of the Final Report to submit to our NAs by the deadline of the 30th September 08. Final outcomes definition: we collected all information from each partner to complete our final Handbook. Implementation of the FEMALE web site and leaflet. We worked in different work groups: each partner translated the leaflet in its national language. Conclusion: definition of our final activities

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