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Project meeting in Finland

21 - 24 May 2008

Project meeting in Abo / Turku

Arrival in Åbo on the 21 of May. Thursday, 22 May 08 - Åbo (FI): Presentation of female entrepreneurship in Finland. Meeting with entrepreneur Heidi Saari and Stefania Santiano: Heidi Saari explained us her professional experience working in the clothing sector. Meeting with entrepreneur Tanja Lepistö and Sirkka Kaarina: they explained us their experience in craftmade sector.

Project meeting in Finland May 2008 Project meeting in Finland May 2008 Project meeting in Finland May 2008

Guided City tour in Naantali. Presentation of female entrepreneurship in Finland: Meeting with entrepreneur Sinikka Söderlund and Lunch at Café Amandis with Sirpa Ruohonen (entrepreneur and café owner).
Visit to a local enterprise: the Muminworld in Naantali. Departure back to Turku/Åbo and having Dinner by the river in Turku at restaurant Svarte Rudolf.
Friday, 23 May 08 - Åbo (FI): Meeting with a female entrepreneur Birgit Griese at the Centre for Continuing Education at Åbo Akademi: she explained us her experience as trainer of foreign language in Finland showing great dynamism and enthusiasm in her work.
Feedback from all partners on the project activities since the last meeting
· 1st and 2nd questionnaire: analysis of results and discussion
· Feedback from each partner on the 2nd questionnaire submitted to our target group of women entrepreneurs
· Definition of final document structure for our project activities 2006 – 2008.
Lunch at Café Arken at the university A walk to the cathedral to see the Promotion (a ceremony of conferment of doctor’s degrees)
Definition of the activities timetable for next months, Michela Calabrese
· Implementation of the FEMALE web site and leaflet
· Meeting evaluation and forward planning
Dinner at restaurant Harald in the Turku city center.
Saturday, 24 May 08 Conlusion and departure.

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