Final meeting in Berlin / Germany

Final Meeting in Berlin 2008 3 + 4 July 2008
The final meeting took place in Berlin/Germany.

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Fifth meeting in Abo / Finland

Meeting in Abo 2008 21 - 24 May 2008
The fifth meeting took place in Abo/Turku (Finland).

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Fourth meeting in Gijon / Spain

Final Meeting in Berlin 2008 31. March + 1. April 2008
The fourth meeting took place in Gijon (Asturias)/Spain.
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Third project meeting in France

Second project meeting in Lithuania, 14-17 May 2007 5-8 December 2007
The third meeting took place in France. Each partner presented the project activities of the first year...
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Second project meeting in Lithuania

Second project meeting in Lithuania, 14-17 May 2007 14-17 May 2007
Our second meeting was in Lithuania. As first thing, each partner presented its project activities since the last meeting ...
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Kick-off meeting in Florence

Kick-off meeting in Florence, 20-23 November 2006 20-23 November 2006
These are the activities done during the first day of the Florence meeting: Presentation of the partner organizations ...
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